Forever Tybee
News: Watch for Members Social and Strategy Parties coming in August!

How YOU Can Get Involved

  1. Become a Forever Tybee Member (click for form). We keep annual membership fees low so anyone can join. Pay your annual dues and also make an additional donation -- if you can.
  2. Consider being a board member or serving on a committee. Or, join an issues group to research and come up with solutions.
  3. Attend potlucks and community events. Get to know our diverse community. Stay informed about what influences Tybee, and your neighbors.
  4. Speak at public hearings on an issue that matters to you.
  5. Get to know candidates. Ask informed questions about their views on issues. OR, apply to join a city committee, or consider running for city council. 
  6. VOTE! Approximately 1300-1500 people vote in Tybee elections. Every vote counts. Your vote can make the difference for a candidate! And, that candidate might one day be YOU!
  7. "Like" us on Facebook to keep up with news and events.
  8. Donate your Hurricane Matthew photos, stories, videos or artifacts to the Tybee Island Historical Society's Hurricane Matthew archive. Download the informational letter and donation form from here: TIHS Hurricane Matthew Archive
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