Forever Tybee
News: 2018 Event Planning Underway!

 Our Core Beliefs

Forever Tybee believes that we, Tybee’s citizens, as well as our elected officials, should act in the best interests of the community by participating in and demonstrating ethical, open, and transparent government. We believe all should:

  1. Protect beaches and marshes, historic and artistic treasures, small businesses, and the unique character of the island.
  2. Listen objectively and respectfully to citizens and City committees who speak at public hearings, and honor the time, thoughtful work, and recommendations of committees.
  3. Uphold the City Charter, Master Plan, Ethics Ordinance, and all other city laws, codes and ordinances, and Georgia laws.
  4. Encourage and empower volunteerism and participation in open government.
  5. Demonstrate strong financial responsibility and knowledge of financial principles.
  6. Respect the City Manager form of government by asking elected officials to avoid direct involvement in the day-to-day operations of the City.

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