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About Us

Tybee residents formed Forever Tybee in 2009 to ensure an ethical, open, and transparent city government. Some of us have been lucky enough to call Tybee home all our adult lives; others have lived on Tybee a few years. Regardless of where we're from or how long we've lived here, we all share a love for Tybee and a strong commitment to Tybee's future.

Forever Tybee members serve on city committees and participate in events that benefit Tybee. We monitor council meetings and research election-year and ongoing issues to provide Tybee voters with facts -- about issues and candidates.

Forever Tybee members elect a Board of Directors annually to set overall direction and activities. The Board is a mix of strong conservative Republicans, strong liberal Democrats, and flexible independents. Though we may disagree on national or Facebook politics, we all agree that at the local level where we live… politics must be nonpartisan.

If you would like to become more involved in Forever Tybee, there is a place for you to serve.
See How YOU Can Get Involved.

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